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Butler service

Rental service
Collection of rent
Life service (water and electricity property tax and fee network fee)
Cleaning service
Maintenance service

Insurance service

Assisting in the insurance of housing insurance
Assist in insuring house property insurance

Security service

Environmental testing service
24-hour electronic security service

Project Description

Grand Hyatt Phase Ⅰ, located in the center of Athens, luxuriously decorated, with clear lighting, perfect living facilities, suitable for both self-occupation and short-term rental.

◎ Excellent location: The project is located in the center of Athens, Greece, in the scenic area of ​​the Acropolis, only 650 meters away from the Acropolis and 400 meters from the Syngrou-Fix subway station. You can travel to all the attractions around the Acropolis in an hour.

◎ Appreciation space: According to data from the Greek central bank, Greek house prices have reached 5% per year. The area where the project is located is the center of Athens. In addition, the new Prime Minister of Greece came to power to emphasize the importance of economic development and related measures. All of this provides a solid foundation for the appreciation of Greek real estate.

◎ New project: The project is to rebuild the new house in 201, and the circuit, waterway and other structures are all up-to-date. The project system-- apply to the government for the highest configuration of 63 amps to ensure the sufficiency of electricity consumption.

◎ Ultra-high income: Greece has more than 33 million tourists in 2011, which is three times the total population of Greece. The project is located within 1KM of the Acropolis Scenic Spot and is the most popular residential area for tourists. This project has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with Airbnb and Booking, and has chartered all the properties to ensure the customer's income.