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Project Description

Lanting Ⅺ, located at the junction of the central and southern residential areas of Athens, with a building area of ​​265.3 square meters, totaling 2 A boutique duplex apartment with a 2-storey duplex and a 3-storey duplex. The apartment is square, beautifully decorated, with clear lighting and a quiet environment. The living facilities are perfect, self-occupied, shortrental is suitable.

◎Your location: 2 kilometers south of the Acropolis, there are 3 subway stations and 2 light rails within 900 meters of the project. Station, easy access to the seaside resort and downtown business district, backed by Highway 91, 4.5 km from the sea and 10 minutes by car. The Vouliagmenis Avenue in the east is connected by the north to the Acropolis to Syntagma Square, and to the south to the southern coast of Glyfada.

◎ Appreciation space: The project is located within 3 km of the Acropolis scenic spot. Currently, it is mainly occupied by the local middle class. There are considerable discoveries about how life is short-term rental apartments and hotels. With the booming tourism industry in Athens, the Dafni Hotel in the middle of the city centre and the waterfront area will welcome new opportunities with its superior location.

◎New project: The project is a new renovation project in 2019, the circuit, waterway, and exterior structure of the exterior wall are all refurbished, double The wall-walled sound insulation effect project uniformly applies to the government for the maximum configuration of 63 amps of electricity to ensure the adequacy of electricity consumption.

◎High-yield: Developers provide co-lease services, rental returns are stable, Chinese housekeeping services help customers to rent .


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