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Project Description

Lanting Ⅹ, located in the business embassy district of the scenic city center of Athens, the political and cultural junction of the center of Athens, opposite The park and the large commercial area, the bus directly to the Acropolis scenic spot, 10 minutes to reach the living area. The project has a total of 4 floors and a building area of ​​500 square meters. There are 7 sets of boutique apartments, one-bedroom apartment, two rooms to choose from, and a large balcony with a view of the city.

◎Great location: Athens downtown is the most prosperous area of ​​Airbnb, the eastern side of the Balkans The University of Athens and the location of the Athens Immigration Bureau, the largest immigration bureau in Greece, the airbnb-intensive area on the south side, the ancient cultural heritage site on the west side, and the Greek parliament and capitalist embassy district on the north side. Political figures.

◎Regional Value: Behind the Presidential Palace of the Athens Political Fortress, backed by the Royal Palace Garden and the Greek Parliament Center, the Olympics The birthplace of Olympia Stadium, close to Hilton, Crown and other hotels with large traffic, high level of residential population, the production rate of Airbnb market is as high as 85%, the average apartment rental price per night is about 75 euros, higher than the Athens average.

◎New project: The project is a new renovation project in 2019. The circuit, waterway and exterior wall structure are completely refurbished. The wall guarantees the sound insulation effect and quality project to apply to the government for the highest configuration of 63 amps of electricity to ensure the adequacy of electricity consumption.

◎High-yield: Developers provide co-lease services, rental returns are stable, Chinese housekeeping services help customers to rent .


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