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Project Description

Lanting Ⅶ, located at the foot of the Acropolis of Athens National Cultural Tourism Resort, connecting the core residents of the city centre and the southern coast Residential area. The project is a new construction project in 2019. A total of 12 sets of boutique houses will find out how to design an apartment with a building area of ​​631 square meters. A total of 7 floors, the apartment is fully transparent, one ladder and two households, each with 2 viewing balconies, each with a net living area of ​​28.4 square meters and a balcony area of ​​9.71 square meters. There are 4 parking spaces on the ground floor of the project, which is convenient for families. The population is green and fresh, the top floor is a rooftop sky garden, and the night is a pleasant view of Athens.

◎Gold location: Within 2 km of the Acropolis Tourist Resort, the area is favored by the tourist resort, and the community is mature and stable. The municipal planning is better, the transportation is convenient, and it is only one stop away from the old city. The investment value of the region itself is high and there is no risk of depreciation.

◎Ingenuity quality 2019 new house, construction materials unified European standards, project supervision at home and abroad, domestic listed companies enlighten The design institute design invites domestic artists and local Airbnb companies to design soft garments to ensure the construction quality and decoration quality of the project to the maximum, to meet the needs of the owners and the market; the wall is double-walled to ensure sound insulation and quality. Uniformly apply to the government for a maximum of 63 amps of electricity to ensure the adequacy of electricity.

◎ Alcoholic package: excellent location, close to the Acropolis, fully furnished, the South Embassy and the oldest Greek The University of Social Politics, west of the University City and Athens's technology research and development Silicon Valley, surrounded by the entire area of ​​the east and north. Transportation hub, power-on car, light rail, only one stop from the flea market; only 2 stops from the Constitution Square; 3 stops to reach the Acropolis subway station.

◎Value-added benefits: The developer helps customers pay 21% of the property transaction VAT, and the customer’s unit price of 4,000 euros can be Buy a new home in a prime location in the city centre.

◎Housekeeper Service: Developers assist clients in real estate leasing, Chinese housekeeping service, exempt customers from real estate management Worry.